Another game made with pocket platformer from the_l0bster.

This game was made for the Trick or Treat jam, hope you enjoy it!

The controls are simple: Left and Right Arrow to move. C or Up Arrow to jump.

Somewhere in a Spanish village:

Alicia has always loved food in general, but what she likes the most is candy, the Halloween one to be more precise. She loves it so much and she would make ANYTHING to get some, even infiltrating her crazy neighbor’s house while he isn’t  home. Soon, she will understand why no one on the village wants to socialize with that neighbor...


  • Cool (I think) graphics. Thanks to PixelPoldi for the shooting skull design!
  • Nicely done (I think, again) levels.
  • Candy.
  • Really well drawn thumbnail (this time I don't think so).
  • Those pumpkins aren't just... pumpkins...
  • Fun and challenging gameplay (all the gameplay itself is done by the_l0bster).
  • Plants, flowers and grass inside a basement!

If you enjoyed:

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I don't want to socialize with that neighbor


Playing 10 Horror Games on

Thanks for playing the game, but the level where you gave up is easier than you think.

SPOILER: You don’t need to jump on the trampoline

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very cool game! :) loved the sprite work

Thank you!